Some awful feeling 

Today is May 5th 2015 and my nephew kenzie just turned to 6th yesterday and my son keenan is around 2.4 years old.

Lama ga nulis tentunya banyak hal yg telah terjadi tapi ga ada waktu buat nulis. Why?? Because i think i’m in love with my tv n cellphone these days….. Uuurrgg… Not a good role model for my son i guess…


Speaking of my son, this little KID is growing up so fast. Kata2nya udah bejibun, tapi saban hari yg diomongin air mancur teruuuuss… Si keenan lg jatuh cinta ama Fountain show yang ada di Grand Indonesia. Saban liat hp klo ga minta ntn masha ya liat si air mancur gi ini. 


Penyapihan keenan gagal total, si nenen uda dikasi pait2 ttp aja dihajar bleh. I’m thinking to learn wwl (weaning with love) seriously, maybe it will help klo ga ya hrs tega pisan ama ni bocah. I just couldn’t handle it much more i guess.

Our house is never clean and my body’s yelling for some rest. I have a very few conversation with someone around my age, and really annoyed  when someone comment that my son is  “kurusan”. I really don’t like anybody pushing me or bossing to do something or help when i don’t want to be helped. And yes, this is the pms writing.

Sometimes i wish that i could skip a phase just like i skip the ads on YouTube. 

But then I realized that i won’t know the whole story of my life. How my son  grow, how our family grow together… 

What kind of people that compares a life with YouTube advertisement anyway??? 

Sebagai penutup tulisan pms ini, i just want to say that I’m OK and it will be better if some people shut their mouth. But I’m still enjoying my SAHM status, loving my boy and my man And all the craziness we do that makes us laugh so hard and also the peace moment just realizing how much we got, dan sungguh kami tak kekurangan.

So Bring It On LIFE!!


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