If tomorrow never comes

Hello kiddo!

You’re sleeping next to me right now. Abis nenen pake bnyk gaya, dan yup! Disapihnya gagal total!

I just wanna say i love you keenan…

Waktu sakit kmrn mama selalu takut klo waktu mama buat keenan tinggal sedikit. And makes me think ‘if tomorrow never comes, would you know how much i love you?’
So i write this blog
To confess my love
Coz maybe our time is short
And Allah has a better plan
So if my time has come
Maybe there are moment you’ll search my name
And here are the words you looking for
Mama love you coz you are my world
Thank you for being my life
Coz i feel lots of love in it.

Be strong my baby…


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