Work Hard Play Hard

Siapa yang bilang manusia hidup hanya untuk bekerja???

Yes I agree that every human have to work as hard as they could to reach their dream.

Imagine that we are now in the place that called “dreams come true”. We have worked hard, reach the sky, but then what??. Are we there alone in the sky?? if the answer is yes then ask your self again, do this dream worthed for our life??, Is this what we want?? If the answer is no well, thanks God that we’re not that hard worker…hehehe ya iya dong ngapain buang2 tenaga dan waktu kalo nanti bakal diseselin juga. As Joker always said “why so serious??” hehehehe

Make your self enjoy, make your self fun…

men-women-laugh-out-loud-01-af-450x311If you job couldn’t make you that,go on and seek some fun!!

Call you friends to hang out… Share some tears and also laughter. Don’t ever make this lovely world pass you by just because you don’t see it!!

oh c’mon! Your Job is already sucks.. don’t make all your life sucks too, don’t make your self sucks!

If you feel your job take control your life, just see some friends! maintain a good relationship with your BFF never regret you. Because your company won’t take care of you when you sick, but your friends does…So’ Keep in touch!

Yes, work hard is our needs, but when you’ve worked a lot but your hearts feels empty, just go out, breath the fresh air, share some smile and laugh till you cry will cheer up your life!


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